Sunday, October 17, 2010

Time Away

Sorry it has been a while since I've had much to say. Things have been pretty busy in my life lately between school and ex-wives. I promise I'll try and get something posted more often.

Only real news this week is the wife and I starting a new round of making a baby time. So everyone keep your fingers crossed for us! She's a pretty special lady to put up with all of the things that she does. Had a great date night tonight with her. Went to a little carnival here in town and rode some rides. It was like being a kid again. Sometimes I think people don't take a step away from it all enough and just enjoy themselves. People need to stop taking themselves so serious all the time. They need to just step back from all of the things that are happening in their lives and enjoy themselves. Most of the time the constant worry and stress about things is completely futile. If sitting and worrying and stressing about something is not going to change it, try having a little fun. The problem will still be there when your done and it is time better invested. Man...I just don't seem to have much to say tonight. I'll try and give a little more to read next time...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Higher Education

So I think I decided today on the path I am going to set myself on. I have been kicking around the idea of being a teacher for years. I mean why not, my grandmother was a teacher, my aunt is a teacher, my 1st cousin is a teacher, two of my wife and I's friends are teachers. Today I decided to move forward with my doctorate studies. I decided it would be in my best interest to try and teach at the collegiate level versus in a High School or Elementary School somewhere. Let's face it, I do not put up with back talk, disrespect, temper tantrums or any other bad behavior from my own children. I am damn sure not about to put up with it from someone else's children. Now I know some people do not believe in spanking children. To them I say good for you, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If you can get your child to behave like they should without it them absolutely there is no need for it. Me personally, I completely believe in it. I got my ass whipped when I was bad as a child and you know what, I turned out just fine.

I didn't kill anyone because my mother didn't love me enough and I am not traumatized as an adult. Now the key to this is I was spanked for my misbehavior. I was not beat because my parents did not know how to handle situations. That being said, parent's there is nothing wrong with asking for help with how to raise your children. Hell buy a book and read it if need be. You aren't born with the ability to successfully parent and two little blue or pink lines or a plus sign does not magically impart the wisdom required to be a mother or father. In all honesty, I would rather my child behave, be respectful, and do the things he or she is supposed to because I taught them well. If that does not work I guess I am okay if they are terrified of getting spanked. Spanking is not always the default choice but I would rather spank them than ever have them acting like a great deal of the kids nowadays do. You want to turn things around in this country, when I child calls the police because their mother or father gave them a spanking (key word, not a beating) the police should come to the house. Make sure the child is not beat to hell, and then press charges on the child for filing a false report or something of that nature. Since when did the children become the one's with the power over their parents in this country? My grandfather and great grandfather are probably turning in their graves over how things are.

Oh and here is another thing I do not understand. Can someone please explain to me how the hell welfare cash assistance programs help 4 million people in 2009, how 37 million people receive food stamps, and 9.1 million people were receiving unemployment in 2009 and yet there is not a drug test attached to those benefits? I mean seriously, a government employee has to take drug tests, why shouldn't government funded lifestyles? Now I am not saying that everyone receiving benefits is a drug addict or should not get them. The programs are there for a purpose. What I can't help but wonder is how we have multiple generations of the same families living off of it. Here is an idea. Take all the people on welfare, make them complete a urinalysis before they are issued a check. Put them on a 6 month benefit where they can receive benefits for a total of six months. At the end of the six month period the person has to be gainfully employed. If the person has children to support then the government can create jobs by offering subsidized childcare. I'm sorry but if a person cannot find a job in 6 months they are not really trying in my opinion.

If you REALLY want to work, you can find a job. You can bust tables, mow grasses, or any other means of work to support your family. Then the government should offset your income to help you out. Hell even keep providing subsidized childcare. Ultimately the money that is saved by people not being able to take advantage of the welfare system will more than offset the cost of providing partial support. Not only that now we are talking about the theme of my last two posts. Teaching people to be self supportive. Now we are in a situation where the government is rewarding people for getting out there and taking care of their families or doing the best they can to. Now we have a situation where parents are showing their children what it means to earn the things you have and then if you REALLY need it the government can step in and HELP. There is a difference between helping someone, and completely caring for them. Now we have the government not only forcing adults to act like adults and become functional parts of society, the government is in a way forcing parents to act like a mother or father and show their children the merits of a hard days work. Want to hear an alarming statistic? According to the U.S. Census Bureau the official U.S. poverty rate in 2009 was 14.3%, that equals up to 43.6 million people. Lets try a system of welfare and help that teaches our society how to get out of poverty and better ourselves instead of teaching them to sit and not better themselves.

Once again I reiterate that not everyone falls into the category I'm talking about but honestly, would this system of welfare I'm talking about hurt or benefit them? It seems to me it would benefit them, as long as they are staying off drugs and working at SOMETHING, the government steps in and helps make up the difference. Its time to start teaching our country how to be better instead of accepting mediocrity, or even worse, just not trying at all. 

First Post

So I thought I would start this Blog off keeping it mild mannered. Tonight I want to talk about the state of our community and the family unit that most people are familiar with. When I was a kid I grew up primarily in a smaller community where everyone knew each others names. Everyone gave to each other and that made it easier for everyone to get through the things that we would face. I stop and look at the world around me now and it makes me sad to see that state of our communities. Most people live in a community where they may know their neighbor's names. That is probably the extent of it though. When I go out here in Orlando the lack of respect that I see people showing each other is astonishing. People can and do call me old fashion, or too traditional. If the things that I do make me old fashion, then thank the lord for traditions. For example, the next time you are out at a restaurant or a shopping center just stand and watch how many people never stop to hold the door for anyone else. I realize we live in a constant state of movement and flux but that is no excuse for having no common courtesy. Stop for a minute and think about how often you really see people saying please and thank you for the things that people do for them.

Now the more important thing is where does this breakdown come from? I personally think there are several contributing factors. I think that families do not act like families anymore. Now obviously this does not apply to every family but in general families and people's thoughts of what a family is seem to be way off base to me. Ask yourself this. How often do I turn off the television, sit down and the table, and have dinner with my family? There is nothing on the television that is more important than that quality time. Now don't get me wrong, I love dinner and a movie night, or eating while watching a football game. Those things in and of themselves are bonding experiences for a family. But entirely to many families do not sit down and have meals together anymore.

While this seems small it is just a piece of the puzzle that is causing our society as a whole to degenerate. From what I have noticed entirely to many parents seem to have forgotten what it means to be a mom or dad. It takes one drunken night to become a parent. Hell you don't even need that anymore with advances that we have in technology. But it takes effort to be a parent. To take the time to behave in a manner consistent with teaching your children good values, how to behave, how to treat the people around them in the world. Entirely too many children have no sense of responsibility. The children and probably half the adults in our society feel a sense of entitlement not responsibility. To many people sit around with a hand out waiting for someone to give them something instead of getting out there and earning it. The ultimate responsibility for this problem falls on the shoulders of the parents.

How is it we can live in a country with the technology and power that we have, yet we still have people living in the streets, children with no real education, some that can't even read or write. My mother and father used to sit me down and make me do my homework every night. They taught me the value of an education and showed me that I had to work to get the things out of life that I wanted. That it was okay to take a little help if you need it but to only take as much as you need and to do everything in your power to get to a point you do not need it anymore. Yes, the blame for how your children behave, what they learn, and what they do not learn falls on your head mothers and fathers of the world. Change starts with you. When your child does something wrong instead of immediately blaming someone else for what they have done, stop and ask yourself what can I do different to teach them not to do this anymore. Now I'm not saying to let them get away with it. I think that punishment is natural and normal when children misbehave. But if your child does not do well in school, do not go up to the school and blame it on the teachers for your child not learning or failing a class. Did you sit down with your child and help them learn? Did you take the extra time to review their studies for the week with them to make sure they understood? If it means taking an extra two hours with them and then meeting with the teachers as well, do it. It's your responsibility. I can't tell you how many teachers I know that would love to have parents who get engaged in their child's education. There are way more good teachers that care than teachers that don't. Let's stop making excuses and start making changes people.

I think this is enough for tonight. As you can see I have a tendency to get off on a tangent sometimes. Look for my next post soon. There is more than enough bad things out there to talk about....